Fiddle Dee Dee

Fiddle fig trees are so IN! Trend setting interior gurus started incorporating them into their designs and we are so happy they did. Fiddle fig trees make an excellent visual impact on any space. They fit into all styles of décor and into any room of the house. Being from a tropical climate, they even love the moisture and warmth of your bathroom. Give them tons of filtered light and put them in that awkward bare space that you we’re unsure of how to fill.

Where to find one: The only problem with fiddle fig trees is that they can be difficult to find! Try your local garden shop, they’re more likely to have them if they keep up with current trends in house plants. We currently have a HUGE one down at Bowerbird and Friends in Peterborough, NH. We also have a couple small ones, which would mean bringing the cost dramatically down and guess what? they GROW! A fiddle fig tree can grow up to 35 feet tall in its natural habitat, so plant it in a larger container to give it room to grow. You can also buy a taller thinner planter and fill it more than halfway with soil before potting the actual tree. This will make it sit higher up in the planter, giving it more height and immediate vertical presence.

Light: Keep in mind that fiddle figs like lots of filtered light. They would love Eastern sun but any filtered type will do and they can even tolerate a little bit of direct sunlight. Because their leaves are so wide, they tend to collect dust over time. Help your tree out by giving their fiddle-shaped leaves a good wipe down every once in a while with a wet rag. They will be forever grateful.

Water: I have found that the trees are happiest when I keep them steadily moist rather than letting the soil dry out completely in between. Do be careful though, the worst thing you can do is over water. Feel it out and lean toward under watering if you dont quite have it figured out yet. If the leaves start to get brown patches, it wants more water.

Good luck and enjoy your fiddle fig trees!!

Xx Lindsey Carter

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