NH Artist – Daniel Thibeault

About the artist:

Daniel is a New Hampshire native from the Peterborough area. He is widely recognized through the Monadnock Region for his artistic and entrepreneurial skills. He began painting at an early age, and although primarily self taught, attended the Vesper George School of Art in Boston. Being a multi-talented man, Dan returned to NH after school and worked creatively as a chef in several area establishments, including the Hancock Inn and the Folkway Coffee House Restaurant. Dan then partnered up to create Twelve Pine, a gourmet restaurant and café, and after 15 years sold the business. He now devotes his time primarily to painting and spending time with his lovely grandsons.

Dan’s small florals were exhibited at the Boston Meuseum of Fine Arts along with the Art in Bloom show in 2003. He travels often, bringing along his paints, and has sold art in many foreign countries as well. He has exhibited extensively locally and his beautiful artwork has begun to spider out from the region into surrounding areas. He participates yearly in the Monadnock Open Studio Art Tour and has recently contributed a piece to the permanent collection of Mt Monadnock paintings at the newly renovated visitors center at Monadnock State Park in Jaffrey, NH. Dan is also currently working on a collection of local historical scenes in the Monadnock area for the upcoming Francestown Labor Day festivities in September!

Dan at Ingather at Bowerbird:

We have had Dan’s paintings at Ingather since we opened. Being from the Monadnock region, my mom, sister, and I all have at least a few of Dan’s paintings in our homes. His artwork is beautiful and inviting. He paints everything from portraits, to flowers & still life, as well as landscapes. Most of his paintings are inspired by our beloved New Hampshire, his travels, his family and his other passions. More often than not he accents his paintings with an antique frame adding even more charm to his artwork. On top of being a unique artist and chef, Dan is blessed with fabulous taste- his studio in the Union Mills in Peterborough, NH has been featured in Country Living Magazine as well as New England Home Magazine!

Find Daniel Thibeault:

You can find his paintings:

In the Monadnock Region at Ingather at Bowerbird, in Peterborough, NH- http://www.ingatherhome.com

At his artist studio in the Union Mills building on Union Street in Peterborough NH

Laurel and Grove in Peterborough, NH- http://www.laurelandgrove.com

In Essex, Massachusetts at Muzio Designs- http://www.muziodesigns.com

You can also follow him on instagram @dandantheburittoman

Xx Lindsey Carter

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