Peggy’s Rare & Antique Books

 Did you know that you can find beautiful rare and antique books at Bowerbird and Friends in down town Peterborough? Thanks to Peggy you will find a gorgeous selection of collectable books available at Bowerbird. Peggy first became interested in books because her father was an antiquarian book seller.


When Peggy was just seventeen, she started going on book buys with her father, who was very interested in the historical aspect of books. Her fathers interest in history is what originally drew Peggy in, but when she discovered early illustrated children’s books, she fell in love!


“What really intrigues me about illustrated children’s books, is not only how beautiful the early hand-colored and hand-painted artwork is, but how the illustrations and content have changed over time.” Peggy explained to me how children’s stories went from being focused on religion and strict lessons, to a more leisurely structure. As educational techniques progressed over time, so did children’s books.


Peggy started her own collection only a year after she joined her father on buying trips. The best book she has come across in her career as an antique books buyer, she found at Portobello Market in London, England. She decided to keep the book in her possesion rather than selling it. “It’s an early issue of “Slovenly Peter” with hand-colored illustrations that are too beautiful to part with.”


I love talking books with Peggy, partly because she lights up talking about them, but also because she is so knowledgeable! Go visit Peggy and explore her books because they really are very special! Here is a small preview of some books that Peggy has down at the shop below.

Xx Lindsey Carter

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