BYOB – Build Your Own Begonia

So my mom has this big giant beautiful begonia that I was seriously jealous of. I wanted my own begonia plant so I asked her if I could try to propagate it. We did our research & I found myself slightly discouraged by what seemed like all kinds of very complicated processes to propagating different types of begonias… We decided to ditch the research, and just took a pair of scissors to the begonia. Months later, boom! My very own begonia! This was our, very scientific, process:

  • Cuttings: Since this was an experiment, we took stem cuttings of all different sized leaves, and took six total. We cut them each about four inches down from the leaf.
  • Waiting: We put the cuttings in a glass jar in tons and tons filtered sunlight for about four weeks! (I had remembered reading that the smaller the container the better because the plant releases some kind of chemical & the more potent the better for rooting). Okay, so maybe we didn’t completely ditch the research… We started seeing roots after about two weeks but I think giving it more time in the water gave it the ability to put up a fight once we planted it in the soil!
  • Planting: We used a glazed pot, put about one inch of stones in the bottom for drainage, a couple inches of soil, then started placing the cuttings. We filled the pot the rest of the way with soil and watered it.
  • More waiting: We kept the plant in the environment it was used to (lots of filtered light). I saw nothing for about a month but the leaves still looked healthy. After about six weeks I saw new growth! Success! Now, five months later it has exploded with new leaves and is now its own plant.

There is something about successfully propagating a plant that makes you feel pretty awesome… If you’re a beginner like me, a begonia is an easy one, succulents as well. I have found that working with plants and filling my living space with them is a really great activity especially in New Hampshire in the winter. Bringing the outdoors in makes your living & working space helps make up for the lack of time spent outdoors this time of year. Good luck, I hope you give it a try. Happy propagating!

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