Ever Heard of ‘Tramp Art’?

The quick back story on this is that we made a big Tramp Art buy a month or so ago for our shop, so all the pieces pictured in this post are currently for sale at Ingather. This is such a fun and unique art movement and I thought you might be interested in a brief description as to what Tramp Art is, as well as some photos to enjoy!

Tramp Art was a popular movement in the late 1800 through the 1940s. Tramp Art artists typically used materials and tools that were easily accessible and inexpensive. A pocket knife was a commonly used tool for carving materials like cigar box wood. Artists would carve and stack wood into geometric patterns and layered them to make 3D pieces. Other common materials included popsicle sticks, bottle caps, matches and more.

Picture frames and boxes were popular pieces to make but there were zero limitations so often times creative pieces were made such as lamps, furniture, models, carvings  [such as the owl & large rosary pictured below] and ornamental artwork. One of my favorite aspects about this movement is that often times artists would trade their artwork in exchange for another persons items, services etc.  Cool right? Bartering is the best!

Anyway, Tramp Art today, has become very collectible and they are super fun finds that are incredibly crafted! Do you have a craft? What do you think people will be excited to collect form our era in 100+ years? I noticed macrame and weaving are totally back in! As they should be, I love it.

Xx Lindsey Rose

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