Enjoy links to places, people and things that I think are SUPER awesome:

  • Check out this great article that Kaitlynn had with Locale Magazine – thanks for the credit with the name Kait!

Kaitlynn Carter

  • My husband Brandon is a professional snowboarder. He films for a production company called Think Thank every winter! Their movie Methods of Prediction is getting ready to premiere this week at Mt. Hood in Government Camp Oregon! Check out the teaser to get psyched up for the movie.

Brandon Reis

  • What if Money Was No Object? Alan Watts – I cannot explain how much I love this this 1960’s British philosophers values … guys got it figured out. Enjoy:
  • Okay Resqwater has quite literally rescued me from a serious hangover on multiple occasions… amazing product and a ridiculously talented team. Check out the Resqhouse I stayed at this past April for Coachella – sick video too so you can really get the experience.


  • Casey Neistat is a film director, producer, designer, YouTube creator and world traveler … Casey and this video will feed your already incurable wanderlust and drive to explore:


  • Walt Siegl Motorcycles.. This guy is an insanely talented artist and craftsman. Each motorcycle is made by hand, by Walt, right here in historical Harrisville New Hampshire (which by the way has the best general store ever)! Check out this video with the bike he made for PUMA.

Walt Siegl Motorcycle

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